What You Need to Know about Mercury in Fish and Shellfish

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Mercury Poisoning

Symptoms of mercury allergy

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Mercury allergy is the result of over exposure of mercury which is a heavy metal that is seriously toxic to our health. Several studies have shown that over exposure to mercury may lead to many diseases and poisonous to the central nervous system which can result in irritability, fatigue, symptoms of mercury allergy, headaches etc. Mercury exposure also have negative effect on the cardiovascular disease which leads to increase in high blood pressure in humans and animals. It takes time for mercury levels to build up in the symptoms of mercury allergy. Mercury cannot build up in two or three days.

Sea food like fish is a rich source for mercury. This results in becoming poisonous. Before going to symptoms of mercury allergy we need to know exactly what is mercury, its types and symptoms. Mercury is naturally occurring element which can be found in air, symptoms of mercury allergy, soil and water. It is released in the environment with natural phenomenons such as volcanic eruptions.

Burning of hazardous waste which produces chlorine and breaking of many mercury products also leads to increase of mercury in the environment. Elemental mercury can be found in thermometers, fluorescent light bulbs or electrical switches. Elemental mercury over exposure may lead to chronic symptoms such as.

Methyl mercury is found in industrial byproduct and microbial produce, when elemental and vaporized mercury reaches water.

This methyl mercury enters into the fish and it cannot be removed from the tissues of the fish, people who consume this fish in large amounts may suffer from mercury toxicity. Organic mercury is found in fish and coal. Over exposure to this mercury may lead to symptoms such as. Inorganic memory is a result of corrosion.

At some or other point mercury in the dental amalgam is swallowed which leads to formation of inorganic mercury. The symptoms of mercury allergy have been explained in details by dividing it into several parts to understand easily. Mercury is readily absorbed into the nerves and brain that regulate all the functions of the body. It can damage the central nervous system which controls the function of nerves and hormone systems.

Mercury collects in the heart muscles may lead to increase in symptoms of mercury allergy pressure and it is strongly associated with elevated levels of cholesterol and heart attacks. Mercury also causes weakening of the walls of the blood vessels leading to reduced blood supply to the organs and tissues, symptoms of mercury allergy.

Mercury from amalgam filling adheres into the nose then directly transported to the brain and cause the following symptoms:. Mercury collected within the eyeballs affects the muscles controlling focusing of the eyes and lens and these include the following symptoms. Most of the dental amalgam is taken or swallowed by food which affects the digestive system.

Mercury binds with the walls of the digestive enzymes which lead to poor digestion and food intolerance. Mercury filling symptoms of mercury allergy amalgam may also result in severe impact on kidney functions. Some of the symptoms include:. Mercury emissions can be released during the burning process; according to survey to symptoms of mercury allergy mercury release in the environment EPA has published limited specific pollutants emissions.

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Symptoms of mercury allergy