I am allergic to penicillin can i get a tattoo ?

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Penicillen allergy tattoos

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Big community funding update! Is there a standard location for a tattoo listing allergies? July 26, 1: Maybe on the bottom penicillen allergy tattoos the left foot? I might not go through with it anyway. They normally use bracelets for this. Your medical condition can change over time, penicillen allergy tattoos, and you might want something easier to update than a tattoo. Standard location for a medic alert bracelet is on your typically left wrist.

But I agree with tyler--a bracelet might be a better choice for you. Also, I would lose a bracelet. Also, the print would probably have to be reeeeally tiny. Geez, the idea of getting a tattoo on my wrist is not a pleasant one. My allergies are to various chemicals including propylene glycol and items with much longer names and to mugwort.

It seems like penicillen allergy tattoos would fit better on a foot. Also, it might be good to use multiple languages somehow.

Is anyone interested in starting american dental alliance plans inc left-foot-adult-allergy-tattoo movement? FWIW, I have no other tattoos. Not a tattoo person. This would not be for decorative purposes at all. Tattoos fade with time. Skin loosens and gets liver-spotty, sprouts hair, and all the other wonderful things that come with age, penicillen allergy tattoos.

Yeah, I think that EMTs are penicillen allergy tattoos to look at your wrist first. MedicAlert also makes necklaces. They also look at your phone I think - under ICE in case of emergency in your contact list, where you could list allergies as a comment on the contact. Feet tattoos are notorious for rapid blurring and fading. It would be a poor area for a text based tattoo. This article says that there is no standard location. There seems to be no standardly-followed procedure that would result in doctors or emergency room personnel knowing to check a particular location for a small tattoo.

No one is going to look at the bottom of your foot. Get a medic alert bracelet. If bracelets annoy you, penicillen allergy tattoos, how about medic alert dogtag-type thing engraved with the info you could wear around your neck?

It has come off only once, intentionally, penicillen allergy tattoos, a few months ago, and it required pliers to remove. Another possible concern is that tattoo ink often contains at least one of your red ears allergy symptom, propylene glycol. However, nearly all the medical altert tattoos I have seen have been near the wrist or forearm. In addition, they usually make a note of a medical condition that would require a certain course of treatment by first responders - such as diabetes.

It depends on the severity. If you have multiple allergies, I would just go with a bracelet or necklace. That is something that EMTs will for sure be looking for and will recognize. Any kind of scent might give me a migraine with vomiting shampoo or laundry, penicillen allergy tattoos, penicillen allergy tattoos. Honestly, I forget which ones, so maybe something I could easily read myself would be nice.

I know a lot of people have these kinds of issues -- maybe there needs to be a new standard. Thanks for the heads up about tattoo ink, penicillen allergy tattoos. That would have been pretty bad. As a nurse, I find this idea sort of on the, "Huh" continuum, not the "Woah, cool! The difficult thing about this is that small text-based tattoos have a tendency to blur or fade over the years. You should just wear a bracelet or something if this is of vital importance. I believe you can have medic alert bracelets that ask the rescuer to call a 24hr service to get your medical information and history.

That would be useful if the information is too penicillen allergy tattoos to put on a bracelet, penicillen allergy tattoos.

Honestly, I forget which ones I think what you need is a card in your wallet, not any kind of medic alert bracelet or tattoo. Your real concern is going to be emergency situations where you might be unconscious. I mean, would it suck to wake up in the hospital with a rash after being in an accident severe enough to leave you unconscious? But that rash is really going to be the least of your worries. This is how a bad thing could happen.

I already have a card in my wallet, though, thanks! Yeah, there would be a medical chart attached to your bed that would contain your allergy information.

Checking for allergies before prescribing is de rigueur. In the event that the facility uses a propylene glycol based, mugwort-scented soap on all patients, I guess your scenario could happen, but the reality is these not-paying-attention nurses aides or whatever are not likely to be looking you over for tattoos - plus in this scenario you are old and your tattoos have become unreadable due to skin changes and time.

Even penicillin allergy, one of the most common drug allergies is much less common than is generally believed. If I were you, I would put my energy into strong relationships with loved ones who will advocate for you when you are hospitalized or old. Neither are many topical steroids. This information is from MD-performed allergy tests. Think seriously about this, though.

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Penicillen allergy tattoos