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Alternative therapies with cancer

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What is alternative therapy? The phrase alternative therapy is used to describe a wide range of treatments which, alternative therapies with cancer, generally, are not available from conventional doctors. In the treatment of cancer, conventional medicine includes surgery, chemotherapy the use of drugsand radiation. By contrast, alternative therapy includes nutritional supplements, enzymes, diet, detoxification, change in life style, stress control, alternative therapies with cancer, prevention, and biofeedback.

Conventional practitioners view cancer as the tumor, whereas alternative doctors see the tumor as merely the symptom of the cancer. They are more interested in what caused it to appear in the first place.

Those in conventional medicine believe that anything alternative therapies with cancer removes or reduces the tumor is good, even if it weakens the body in the process. Since practitioners of alternative medicine focus on the cause of the tumor, they believe that anything which helps the body eliminate the tumor is progress.

Although there have been some notable improvements in chemotherapy and radiation technologies, these approaches impact the immune system and many believe they can actually cause cancer if one does not detoxify the body and rebuild the immune system after these approaches are used. Typically nutritional supplementation and other forms of alternative therapy help to strengthen the immune system and help the body to overcome cancer. Practitioners of conventional medicine are in the majority, and patients are well informed about these options.

Many patients, however, are not aware of alternative therapies. It is the purpose of the Cancer Cure Foundation to make that information available so they can make an informed choice. The ultimate one-stop source for information about alternative cancer treatments, therapies and clinics. Your tax deductible donation will be used to alternative therapies with cancer this important mission.

Some of the alternative therapies that are used include: Nutrition to boost the immune system, to increase natural mechanisms for eliminating the tumor, and to prevent reoccurrences. Typically this includes nutritional supplements, intravenous protocols such as high doses of vitamin C, anti-oxidants, and immune support nutrientsand diet such as frequent raw vegetable juices, whole grains, legumes and elimination of foods which feed cancer and weaken the immune system.

Enzymes to facilitate the breakdown of the protective coating around cancer cells and to support healthy metabolic processes. Oxygenation to bring vital energy to the cells, reverse tumor growth alternative therapies with cancer facilitate the elimination of pathogens fungi, bacteria and viruses which may be weakening the immune system. Detoxification to eliminate substances which may be burdening the immune system, compromising metabolic processes and blocking energy flow e.

This may take the form of herbal and nutritional products that open up the elimination channels liver, kidney, colon, and urinary systemcolonics, alternative therapies with cancer, detoxification diets, and IV chelation protocols, alternative therapies with cancer.

Emotional Healing to eliminate toxic emotions and memories somatized in the body. This may take the form of counseling, emotional release therapies, deep breathing, reiki, homeopathy, or bodywork. Tumor Targeting to aggressively reduce the tumor size.

This may take the form of cancer vaccines, hyperthermia, or chemotherapy alternatives such as ukrain, amygdalin, mistletoe, and carnivora. Life Style Change and Stress Control to assist the individual in making the red wine allergy and symptoms changes in their life structure and belief system to minimize stress. Spiritual Connection to re-connect the individual with their purpose for being alive and to strengthen their will to live, alternative therapies with cancer.

This may take the form of prayer, meditation, or spiritual counseling. The Cancer Cure Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to researching and providing information about alternative cancer treatments and therapies since


Alternative therapies with cancer