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The following information is NOT intended to endorse drugs or recommend therapy. While these reviews might be helpful, they are not a substitute for the expertise, skill, knowledge and judgement of healthcare practitioners in patient care. Compare all 19 medications used in the treatment of Alopecia. I now have been taking spirolactone 50mg per day for 2 weeks and my hair stopped shedding!

I tried everything but nothing works like spironolatone, alopecia men aldactone. I can wash my hair more than twice a month without feeling depressed at all the hair falling out. Also, zero side effects so far. Jen taken for less than 1 month June 21, alopecia men aldactone, Either way my hair started falling out rapidly and I was horrified.

I was put on 25mg of spirolactone and then old aluminum hub caps to mg. I felt the dizziness mentioned in reviews only for the first month or so when I was taking 25mg then I was fine.

However, it has significantly lowered my alopecia men aldactone drive but give a little take a alopecia men aldactone. I was becoming so upset and self conscious and now I feel like myself again, alopecia men aldactone. Liza taken for 6 months to 1 year March 30, Looking forward to continuing to use this medicine! I was also diagnosed with Alopecia 10 years ago and have always had issues with thinning hair.

Hair is curly and has volume so I never really did anything about it, it was easy to hide, alopecia men aldactone. I researched, learned about spirono, called my derm and he put me back on, 75 mg a day.

I kid you alopecia men aldactone people, my hair is showing regrowth already, few cm. Of course having alopecia a lot are the thin white hair that hopefully turn into thicker darker shafts but most are my natural color brown.

Its only been 2 months, alopecia men aldactone. I also use cold pressed castor oil and onion juice one the weekends. Ms Martian February 7, alopecia men aldactone, Anyway I first wanted to try natural stuff but it never stopped the hair loss.

After months of hair loss I decided to ask my Doctor what medicine would reduce the hair loss caused by high testosterone and she gave me Spironolactone 50mg. I have been googling about it before she gave it to me for months and based on people experience and the comments here I was excited like finally something would stop it. I only took it for 5 days and OMG the hair shedding I had in every day was crazy clumps and clumps.

I stopped it and the crazy shedding was still there for two weeks. Plus I hardly get acne and I got like 5 spots in each cheek. Jojo December 12, I have very thin hair and recently got worse I tend to break out here and there with small pimples in my chin but because I was stressing I got cystic acne.

It got so bad I wanted a doctor as soon as possible. Within a week of taking the medication I noticed my skin clearing up However Alopecia men aldactone am noticing that I have lost significant weight I also had chills one day alopecia men aldactone even puked when I was on this medication. This only occurred once so I figure it was fine. Ang November 3, I had a lot of hair loss around my crown from PCOS and after 6 months on spiro, my hair was growing back very thickly.

Sarah August 29, I need to be relaxed with this issue, get my life together and not be distracted with this. My average hair lose is about 20 hairs a day now. Its better than ever! Also NO side effects at all.

I wish this helps if u have doubts trying it! I have been taking 2 tablets daily since April It was growing back grey! Then out of the blue for some unknown reason my hair started falling out again, especially whilst shampooing in the shower. It is a constant battle picking up loose hair off the bathroom floor". In Good Petkin allergy relief cat taken for 6 months to 1 year January 20, I started experiencing hair loss about 2 years ago, due to Alopecia.

When it go to the point that I was wearing either a wig or a hat every day to hide my hair loss I decided to go to the doctor. To make a long story short, today I have a full head of hair. Just returned from the doctor and she was amazed at how fast it worked on me. The first 4 months my hair continued to shed. There were many times I panicked and wanted to stop taking it, thinking it would just get worse dose of morning and night.

Pcoslady taken for 6 months to 1 year January 30, I take a total of 75mg per day mg in the morning and mg in the evening. The first month or so, I did not see any changes. Now, I do not see my scalp or that shiny scalp that you see on balding men, alopecia men aldactone.

Periodically, I have experienced scalp soreness. Overall, I am very please with my hair alopecia men aldactone. Mudpie-Pearl August 20, I have been suffering an initial shed that seems to be slowing down but at this point my hair alopecia men aldactone quite a bit worse than before.

Hopefully this will just take my body some time to get used to and it will help eventually. My plumbing is happy, too. My doctor suggested I take Biotin as well. My skin looks great, too!! Everyone needs a dog July 23, Now I have my luscious locks back, and without breakage. Riggs taken for 6 months to 1 year June 18, DanielleRo May 15, The dermatologist prescribed mg of Spironolactone daily, alopecia men aldactone.

I had problems with high potassium levels so my dosage was decreased to 50 mg daily for a month and now I am back on the mg. I do not see any increased hair growth but it seems to have slowed down my hair loss. I have been on the medicine for 3 months, alopecia men aldactone. Faye48 March 5, Only side effect is I get dizzy if I stand up too quick. Cindy February 16, alopecia men aldactone, SidQid taken for less than 1 month November 26, It was a real curve coming from 25 to It hurt whenever I jumped right into mg when I first started.

Nothing hurts really but my stomach not belly, but stomach right below the heart that went away in time, the pain was more of a depleted feeling than a painful feeling. I had a little brain fog in the beginning, not anymore. It makes me urinate alot but its a normal thing. It all also helped me to lose weight. No alopecia men aldactone effect until now, alopecia men aldactone. I finally decided to do some research and found out about spironolactone, alopecia men aldactone.

Spironolactone slows down the hair loss but does not help hair regrowth. I decided to try it alopecia men aldactone and went to a dermatologist to have this medicine prescribed to me, alopecia men aldactone. The doctors started me off with a alopecia men aldactone once a day. But during my research I found out that the effective dosage would be mg a day divided. So, I decided to do mg a day. I am happy to say that my hair loss has completely stopped after two weeks of taking this alopecia men aldactone at mg alopecia men aldactone day.

My problem is that I can not find a dermatologist that will prescribe me a stronger dosage. Anonymous January 14, alopecia men aldactone, It has greatly reduced hair loss And skin has been clearer also. Libido has been affected somewhat, not sure how much though. No significant side effects yet.


Alopecia men aldactone