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Adante and allegra barat

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Actual quotes may differ from what is presented based on timing and services required. Adante and allegra barat gave us short notice adante and allegra barat his meds were out with 2 pills remaining.

Was this review helpful? Yes 1 No 0. Mom is in the memory care here and they are so fantastic, so helpful. The staff is nice, sweet and patient. Adante and allegra barat originally had her in the independent and quickly realized she needed more memory care and they made the process so seamless.

They have great communication. It is so convenient for us to visit often. She is eating 3x a day with lots of options to choose from they give her a visual view before she chooses her meal. The engage her to do daily activities like uno, or bingo and they have what is called memory talk. I would recommend this community like my friends gave me rave reviews on this community. Yes 0 No 0. I am a regular entertainer at Adante Independent Living. I perform at over 40 senior living facilities in and adante and allegra barat San Antonio.

I can honestly say that Adante IL has the most lively and connected residents. I am also very impressed with the entire staff.

Adante IL really projects a family community! We looked at senior living establishments for the year and found this one to be the best! Beautiful, woodsy acreage, very good food, lots of activities, and very friendly residents and staff. Exceptionally well maintained also. Hello, My 80 year old parents just moved into one of the Adante cottages in [Removed].

They had been on a waiting list since last fall My parents are moving from the home they have been in for 45 years. A cottage, which is exactly what my parents were looking for, came available for June. When my parents initially met with staff to discuss moving, they were quoted a price for the cottage. They also tried to add additional charges for a second person which was usually just applied to the apartments not the cottages.

They still did not honor the original price agreed on. It appears to me that Adante knows this and is exploiting it for all its worth. My mother is compiling a growing list of [Removed], awful service, and condition issues from the staff to the cottage which includes two days of cold water because hot water heater was not working.

As of today, the condition and maintenance issues continue to mount and the service response continues to lag. This past week, adante and allegra barat, my mother was left to mop up puddles of water left by the plumber. This review is extended as a courtesy warning to future tenants. After that first contact, he diligently and swiftly began to address every complaint even to the point of implementing organizational changes to insure that these problems are avoided adante and allegra barat the future.

I say that with all sincerity. As of right now, I can say without reservations that [removed] and Adante have aligned themselves with the adante and allegra barat reputation we expected going into this thing and this transition is now much, much less taxing. My parents now appear to be settling adante and allegra barat very well in their new home. Yes 2 No 0. We were able to get the questions answered that we had on the care that is offered, adante and allegra barat.

We were happy to see that they have nice activities. Families might consider a tour of this nice community. Adante is a wonderful place to live. They are an extraordinary groups of dedicated people. The residents at Adante are very special. As much as better as you want. Yes 4 No 0.

There have been many changes in the community. The executive director has also left. After the hail storm that happened they were very slow at getting things fixed. I like that the staff is very friendly and attentive for our loved ones care needs, adante and allegra barat.

Yes 5 No 0. The staff at Adante Assisted Living are wonderful. I have met with them a few times and I really enjoyed how helpful and caring they were. The community is very nicely kept. Adante is updated throughout and radiation anal cancer clean throughout. They offer an assortment of activities for the residents to enjoy and partake in, adante and allegra barat.

I liked the variety of food that the chef makes. I have been welcomed from the whole community from the moment I sad yes! The food is great with wonderful wait staff and chef! Just need to go! Exercise has a adante and allegra barat instructor. Great people live here. This is just where I needed to be. So glad I moved here. If you want a modern facility with down to earth residents, this is your place!

Yes 2 No 1. So far, so good! My mother has recently moved to Adante and she is enjoying the company of the friends and staff she has met so quickly. I went to visit her on Christmas day.

We enjoyed the kindness and smiles from everyone we met that day. You are worth every penny. Yes 3 No 0. Our parents received personal, loving care. Needs were regularly evaluated and care levels updated as needed. Low employee turnover was a big plus. Residents were friendly and engaging. Facility and grounds well-maintained. No place is perfect, but our parents were surrounded by loving, thoughtful and caring staff.

Mother lived at Newforest for 3 years. She loved the friends she made and felt a new since of worth, being able to assist her friends!

Loved the food in the dining room, but more importantly the company and the food service staff! The staff was amazing, caring, adante and allegra barat, personable and eager to please!

Management is engaged in the day to day life that happens caring for seniors! The levels of care are so wonderful as health changes. Yes 0 No 1. They love it, adante and allegra barat, here. They love the food, and they love the community. They were comparable in price to my other top pick, and perhaps a little less expensive.

We liked the layout here, and that it was a smaller community. Yes 1 No 1. My mother has only lived in Adante 3 months. But we are very pleased. The staff is attentive, friendly, does amoxicillin affect the pill truly concerned about the residents.

I have been particularly pleased that all staff know and recognize the residents by name and "watch out" for all of them! They have been fine. There have no major concerns or complaints at this time. I would give them a four out of five. They have been doing a pretty good job so far. Adante Memory Care was a wonderful facility that took exceptional care for my mom.


Adante and allegra barat

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