Diabetes and Acid Reflux

What Are the Symptoms of Acid Reflux Disease?

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Acid reflux and diabetes

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Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease is a condition that manifests itself by the following symptoms: Some of those afflicted are totally unaware that they have it. GERD essentially means that stomach acid and bile are going back up the esophagus irritating its tender and protective lining.

According to Diabetes Self Managementthis condition can cause: This condition is certainly more common in those that are overweight, but regardless of weight more people with diabetes have it. Studies show that a higher percentage of people who have not only diabetes, but also have neuropathy and gastroparesis will also have GERD. Chronic inflammation of the esophagus unfortunately can affect how easy it is to control diabetes, yet another reason a timely diagnosis of GERD is warranted.

Commonly confused for a heart attack when someone appears in the ER with other risk factors: According to Diabetes in Controlthe problem may not be heartburn but rather a symptom of heart disease possibly requiring intervention by a cardiologist. Lose weight Eat low-fat meals Eat smaller, acid reflux and diabetes, more frequent meals Stop smoking Ask acid reflux and diabetes provider for an exam to rule out a hernia Take medications recommended by your provider such as: According to Joslin Diabetes Centerthere are a handful of foods that you may want to limit or avoid:.

Joslin also recommends that people living with GERD should try their best not to eat three hours prior to bedtime. This may be difficult when living with diabetes if you typically need a snack to hold your blood sugar overnight. Adjusting your diabetes medication with your healthcare practitioner may american cancer society poughkeepsie ny to decrease low blood sugar and the amount of foods you need to consume prior to bed.

If you do need a snack steer clear of those that stoke the fire, acid reflux and diabetes. To learn more on this topic: By Dr Gary CA. A Fiery Friend Of Diabetes. Acid reflux and diabetes Might Also Like. Diabetes Foot Exam 21 Comments. Sign up for our newsletter, acid reflux and diabetes. Chronic Communication at Home:


Acid reflux and diabetes